Dealing with Spin Palace Casino Complaints and Suspended Account

Spin Palace Casino Suspended Account

If you are looking for a superior online casino experience, then nothing beats Spin Palace. This Microgaming casino prides itself on offering the greatest casino experience ever. Home to more than 450 of the world's best online Vegas style casino games from video poker, roulette, slots, blackjack and more; name it and you are sure to find it at the Spin Palace, it is considered as one of the most popular online casino gaming site.

Powered by Microgaming casino software which has the reputation for being the best in the business with numerous awards to its credit, Spin Palace ranks on top among gamers, when it comes to enjoying a safe and trusted online casino experience. However, like every other online gaming site that involves monetary transactions, complaints about it are a fairly regular occurrence. Complaints against Spin Palace Casino range from disagreements on winnings, payouts and withdrawals to suspended accounts and more.

Top Common Spin Palace Casino Complaints

While most players have only good things to say about Spin Palace, there are many others who are of the opinion that the increasing number of complaints against Spin Palace only to highlight the casino's ambiguous reputation. While account suspension for frivolous reasons is a common subject for Spin Palace complaints, quite a few players have at one time or the other had a negative experience while dealing with this digital gaming platform. Here are some of the top Spin Palace Casino complaints.

  • The gaming site is infamous for sending out a large number of unsolicited emails.
  • A big part of the Spin Palace Casino complaints refer to its refusal to payout legitimate player wins.
  • Poor and rude Customer Service ranks among the top Spin Palace Casino complaints. Their customer service is pretty famous, or shall we say infamous, for not responding to queries and at times even laughing at a customer.
  • The pending period for withdrawals is more than 70 hours.
  • The bonus terms listed are very vague.
  • Compared to other gaming sites, the wagering requirements here are up to 50 times your first deposit. Many players feel this is unrealistic.
  • The non-availability of managers for VIP players is one of the common Spin Palace Casino complaints.
  • Many players have questioned the veracity of the games and have raised doubts about games being rigged considering the percentage of poor payouts.
  • There have been instances of the same player winning all tournaments.
  • Site navigation is very slow, with most games taking considerable time to load.

Gathering from the numerous complaints against Spin Palace Casino logged on various online forums it can be surmised that poor customer service is among the primary reason for grievance followed by withdrawal issues, comparably low payout percentages and vague bonus terms that are not very customer centric.

Suspended Account? Wondering Why?

Players lodging Spin Palace Casino complaints due to suspended accounts, please bear in mind that no casino will block an account without reason. Whether they choose to disclose the reason or not is another matter altogether. Don't be surprised if you are not informed about the reason for your blocked account since most casinos choose not to even though it puts the player in a frustrating bind. But this is usually done to ensure transparency and prevent tampering in an investigation.

Let's look at some of the common reasons for a suspended account to rule out misconceptions if any.

1. Misuse of Spin Palace Casino Bonus

Online gambling and casino bonus go hand in hand. But what is often overlooked or conveniently forgotten is the fact that the bonus usually has to be wagered a lot of times, a common enough Spin Palace Casino complaint. When players tend to take advantage of the bonus without an intention of meeting the terms of the wager, it is considered a bonus abuse and leads to a blocked account. It does not matter that you are a careless abuser and not a deliberate one.

2. Non-Compliance of Spin Palace Casino's Terms and Conditions

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This is as straightforward as it sounds. Not complying with any one of the numerous terms and conditions of the casino can see your account suspended right away and ignorance is not considered a valid excuse.

3. Profane and Offensive Language

Another reason for a suspended account is the use of derogatory or abusive language though tolerance levels vary from casino to casino.

4. An Unusual Gambling Pattern

Intricate algorithms allow casinos to map players gambling patters to spot anything that's out of the ordinary. Any irregularity in bets placed may trigger an investigation leading to a suspended account in the interim. Like any other gaming site, Spin Palace Casino has the right to withhold this information from the player usually for the sake of an unhampered investigation.

5. Security Alert Triggers

Identity frauds can trigger a security alert leading to a suspended account. This usually happens if the same name, phone number, address, bank account etc. are being used by more than one player. If your Spin Palace Casino complaint is that your account was suspended incorrectly or unjustly, you can contact customer service by email and agree to cooperate fully with the investigation.

6. Not Reporting A Malfunction

In the rare chance that a software malfunction skews the result in favor of the player, and the player does not report such a malfunction, it might result in a suspended account if brought to the notice of the casino.

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While there could be various other reasons that may result in a suspended account, and rules and regulations could vary from casino to casino, the above reasons for suspension are the most common ones.

Spin Palace Casino is a digital world of fun and excitement with some of the most exciting casino games ever created. But before you rush to get started make sure you read up on their rules, regulations, terms and conditions. That will help prevent any complaints and suspended accounts while ensuring you have a great time.