TriCard Poker at Spin Palace Casino Online

TriCard Poker is one variation of the classic poker game that is offered by Spin Palace Casino online, find online casinos at site. While it shares many similarities with its classic cousin, it is much simpler and play is very quick. Both the player and the dealer receive three cards, and the player who has the highest poker hand out of these three cards is declared the winner. Of course, the number of available hands is limited to pairs and threes-of-a-kind here, but this makes gameplay all the more simple. For the dealer to win, he or she must first qualify with either a queen and a high card or a pair or better. If the dealer does not qualify, then the player immediately wins even money based upon his or her original wager with Bwin Casino. Casino spinpalace allows players to place an ante bet, a Pair Plus bet or both. An ante bet is a traditional bet and a Pair Plus bet is a wager that the player will have at least a pair.

The player's cards are always dealt face up and the dealer's cards are always dealt face down. When an ante bet has been placed, the player will have the option to either raise or fold with Red Flush Casino online. If the player has only placed a Pair Plus bet and in fact has a pair, then that player is paid out accordingly. All raises are the equivalent of the original ante bet, and raises or folds are not allowed on the Pair Plus bets. Spin Palace casino online has a $1 minimum bet and a $250 maximum bet restriction on TriCard poker, and players can choose from $1, $5, $25 and $100 denominations in order to create a wager of between $1 and $250. A ReBet option is available in order to make gameplay simpler, but players can also feel free to wager a different amount each time.

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